Protect yourself from
natural disaster and burglary.

Belongings™ allows you to virtually manage your stuff. Always know what you own, be a touch away from your warranties and keep proofs of purchase; mainly for insurance purpose.

Belongings is a free home inventory app ... redesigned!

Cloud based Works on all OS + mobiles

Belongings is stored in a private & secure cloud, you will never lose your data or have sync issues with it. There's nothing to download, you can access your account from a café by simply visiting the website.

Insurances ♥ us Swiss-made

We're based in Switzerland - the country of banks & insurances. As long as you use Belongings properly, you'll be reimbursed by your insurance in case of a disaster or a burglary. Guidelines →

Safety First 256 bit encryption

Security has always been a big deal in the computer world. We have multiple layers of protection to ensure the privacy and the security of your data.

100% free iOS + web access

Accessing your Belongings account is free and will always be, we don't charge for the app; whether it's the mobile app or the web access.

What do I own? 1 touch → your items

What's my shirt size already? Do I already have that tie color? What's the specs. of my current computer? Always be a touch away from your items with Belongings!

Export PDF, Excel, HTML ...

Just got burgled? Did your house just burned down? You're always 1 click away of downloading and printing your inventory for your insurance. We use insurance-compliant formats and it's obviously free.


[...] it's amazing all the stuff I've accumulated over the past years [...] when I want to buy something new, I just glance at my belongings app and it remains me everything I have.
Goeffrey Anderegg Swiss User, 20 April 2012

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